Magical Moments!

  ...from guest encounters at the Disneyland Resort!

From Antonio

From Susie

Sketch- by Ryan Radis. Hello Robert,
I saw you playing piano on the River Boat Mark Twain and drew this sketch of you.

Brilliant, Ryan, thank you!!

More Sketches- by Ryan Radis.

I love it Ryan!!

No Nu Tunes- by Jack and Kevin. A rock version for Ragtime Robert!

Three Cheers fellas! I've never been put to rock before!

Robert by KarinaRobert! - by Karina

Three Cheers for Karina and a big heartfelt thank you for this wonderous drawing of me at Coke Corner

Thank you Karina!

Birthday Surprise! - from Ashley

Ashley played Happy Birthday on the piano as friends and guests stood watching! A Magical Moment i'll treasure for the rest of my life!!

Thank you Ashley!

The Maestro! - from Leanne

Thank you Leanne for this wonderful gift!!! i really do appreciate it!! You even included the grin!


Zoe's DrawingProfile of the Maestro! - from Zoe

Zoe always win the Tinkerbell House award and if you visit Florida, you will see Zoe's Tink House hanging in Epcot Center!

Thank You Zoe!

MiniMe Doll - One of my frequent guests came up and presented me with an amazing
replica of myself. I was so overjoyed with excitement I promised I would tell the world.
"Hello World!" from MiniMe

...and with a little magic dust, MiniMe peformed right along side me!
Ragtime Robert by Kurt NielsonChristmas Gift! - Artist Kurt Nielson presented me with this piece of art on Christmas Day with a note...

"I just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated very much for what you do at the park. Of course, your music is wonderful -- it gives the park precisely the right vibe, and brings consistent smiles. But there's more than that, too. You bring a quiet dignity and refined nature to Disneyland just through how you normally operate. Your timing and mannersims are very lyrical..."

Thanks Kurt for the wonderful gift!

Watercolor Me! - Just the other night a guest handed me this wonderful watercolor and told me how much she loves my Ragtime music! I was so thrilled to get her picture and artwork. Thank you so much!!

The Three Mouseketeers!The Three Mouseketeers - Me and "The Boys" (Cody and Toby) Amazing things can happen when friends put their creative minds together!
Toby and CodyWebsite MAGIC! - While playing away at Coke Corner back in 2006 I saw these identical twin guys walking towards me. I asked them for a request and that was the beginning of a wonderful friendship. Years later (March 2009) they visited Disneyland again and we met once more. After returning home the twins surprised me with...POOF...a new website!

I just couldn't go any further without a HUGE THANK YOU! Thanks Cody and Toby for my new website!!
Artist Rendition! - One of my most magical moments occurred when a frequent Disneyland guest captured me in this painting "GRANDPA ROB AND BRYNN ROSE." Thank you Lana Grassi for your most kind and very impressive talents! I will cherish this gift with many smiles!

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